Innovation and Precision

Quality and Professionalism

At Sofitec we bring your ideas to life. From project to mould elaboration and further injection. Sofitec guarantees a turnkey solution. We combine technical capacity and creativity, developing solutions for diverse activity sectors from zero.


Registration and activity start August 1996.

Subcontracted machinations for mould and precision metalworking industry.

Installed capacity:

Cnc machination centres, with machination courses with a maximum of 1000x600.

Conventional milling machines.




In addition to the initial activity, by purchasing the first injection machine, the production of plastic parts was improved, (development from the item to the final product).

Installed capacity:

Injection machines with capacity for 35 to 450 Ton. on closing.



Purchase of the first extrusion line for manufacturing double-walled corrugated tubes, therefore combining this manufacture with the set of articles produced by the injection process.

Installed capacity:

Double-walled corrugated tube extrusion line in PE for passing electrical cables, telecommunications and water pipes, with sizes of Ø 20, 25 and 32.


- Main activity areas

MOLDS: Subcontract machination.

PLASTICS: Industry, civil construction, electricity, telecommunication and water equipment.


Quality & Professionalism

Sofitec undertakes and fulfils the commitments established with our clients. We meet deadlines and ensure the quality level demanded by those who come to us.

Internal organization, installed capacity and our collaborators training allow us to safely guarantee all the commitments we enter into.

Innovation & Precision

At Sofitec we permanently focus in upgrading our equipment and updating our collaborators. We seek the most modern solutions which allow us to ensure an elevated level to serve our clients. Permanent improvement is a reality at Sofitec.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We develop socially and environmentally responsible behaviours. We base our daily conduct on meeting the interests of all stakeholders and on promoting social and environmental wellbeing of the community in which we operate.

At SOFITES your ideas come alive! We develop from the initial idea to the final product.

At Sofitec we bring your ideas to life!

At Sofitec we develop from the idea to the final product.

1.Product Design

9. Final product

2.Mold Project

8. Plastic injection

3.Mold Project

4.Mold Project

7.CNC Machination

6.CNC Machination

5.CAD/CAM Programming

At Sofitec your ideas take shape!

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